music / expression technique team

music / expression technique team

We are trying to clarify the hidden features in music expressions and performance art that impress people and tacit knowledge in music/dance performance. We are looking for people who have experience of artistic performances such as music and dance and are interested in conducting related research from a science perspective.

Information transmission by music/body performance

Skilled music players move our mind just by playing a few notes. Skilled dancers create various emotional expressions by their body movements. We are trying to examine how experts put various information in their performance and how the audience receives them.

Tacit knowledge in music performance

In order to acquire performance techniques of music, we need to acquire not only rational physical skills to move our body but also the ability to imagine an ideal performance and objectively capture the sounds that we have made and correct them. In the learning process, we will examine quantitatively what kind of problems specifically exist and how they can be solved.

Information processing that brings emotion

What kind of information processing mechanism in the brain invokes emotion? We are trying to build a computational model that explains the information processing mechanism that invokes emotion.