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About thesis / master's thesis

You should visit various laboratories

Until you are a third-year student, you are taught what the world already knows (or thinks you know) in lectures. In your thesis or master's thesis, each of you will have your own unique theme.

To solve a mystery that no one in the world knows yet, or to invent something that no one has ever made before.

or invent something that no one has ever made before. This is a different way of studying from what you have done up to that point. In addition, you will have your own desk in the laboratory, which will be the center of your life, so your everyday university life will be very different. For example, in most of the laboratories, you will be able to take English courses and study in English.

For example, most of the laboratories offer English-language round-table lectures and seminar presentations on their research.

For example, most of the laboratories have English-language round-table lectures and seminar presentations, which help students develop not only their specialized knowledge but also their language skills and presentation abilities. When you start your research, you will find that it is quite different from what you have imagined from the contents of the classes you have taken and the website. The atmosphere of the professors in the laboratory is often different from what you imagined during the lectures. Since you are going to spend one year (or more if you are a master's student), please visit various laboratories and listen to what your seniors have to say. You will get a lot out of it, no matter which lab you decide to go to.

Think carefully about what you want to do

Research is something you do on your own, not something someone tells you to do (as is the case in any adult life). As a matter of course.

Think carefully about what you want to do before deciding on a career path.

You are often asked, "What can I do in this laboratory? Some people often ask questions such as "What can I do in this laboratory? But that is no way to achieve anything new. First, think about your goals, and then ask various professors, "I want to do something like this, but where can I do it? and then ask various professors, "Where can I do this?

By the way, it is strange that many people make a big fuss about the assignment of their graduation thesis, but do not seem to worry much about graduate school or employment afterwards.

About thesis and dissertation in Bioinformatics Laboratory

Themes of thesis and dissertation

If you are interested in research in the Bioinformation Systems Laboratory, please contact us first by sending us an e-mail at


page. As you can see on this page, we have a main theme, but we think it is best to do what you like. However

  • You must share some interests with Nishii (I can't be bothered if you want to work on subatomic particles here), and
  • (I can't be bothered if you want to do subatomic particles here, can I?

Please refer to the "Thesis and Dissertation Titles" page to see what kind of examples we have had in the past.

Studies in our laboratory.

The main theme of our laboratory is research that requires comprehensive knowledge of mathematics, physics, biology, and information. It is no problem if you have never studied biology before when you are assigned to our laboratory for your thesis or dissertation. To begin with, new knowledge is always necessary no matter what kind of research you do. Therefore, if you have not studied before, it is not necessary to study biology.

If you are interested in studying something you have never studied before, you are enthusiastically welcome regardless of your prior knowledge.

However, we strongly recommend that those who stick to the framework they have studied so far, or who are not willing to pursue their research independently, go down a different path.

Fix your dreams (fantasies).

Dreams and fantasies are the driving force behind the creation of new things. If you have the power but no dream, you will not be able to create anything. If you have a dream, it will be the driving force to strengthen your physical (intellectual) power to realize it. Therefore, we try to conduct seminars that help students acquire the ability to think, including imagination and fantasy.

Firm foundation.

Students are required to study basic mathematics (calculus, geometry, etc.), physics (mechanics), and English. We recommend that you take the corresponding lecture if necessary. Olympic athletes also sharpen their skills after extensive basic training every day. Even the most skilled instrumentalists practice the simple do-re-mi-fa-sola-sed scale for the rest of their lives. The higher the goal, the more important it is to have a solid foundation. If you have a solid foundation, you will be able to enjoy the world above. Even if you have a dream, it will not come true if you do not have a solid foundation.

Please have fun and fantasize, dream widely, and yet have the necessary basic strength.

Laboratory rules

  • Attend all lab events such as seminars. If you have to miss an event, call in and let us know. If you make an appointment with a friend and fail to show up, you will lose your friend. If you skip work, you will be fired. Observe the minimum standards of good manners.
  • Do what you have to do without being told to do it. Well, you don't have to do it if you don't want to, but you have to take responsibility for your own actions. It's no good being asked to do something about it after the fact.

Past theses and dissertations

For past theses and dissertations, please refer to thesis/graduate-report page.